Walther H Diechmann

Walther H Diechmann

In the past 35+ years I have gained professional experience implementing custom made information systems and I use my experience too help customers expecting directions beyond the obvious.

What if Money had a (s)cent?

Just imagine what a world it would be if money did in fact ‘stink’! I touch on some of the gains and vains

Ripples in The Fabric

With the demise of market economy everybody is questioning what comes next - I'm hinting at this

Hvem skal vide hvem jeg er?

Brugen af blockchain kan ændre det danske samfund mange gange mere end tilfældet var, da vi indførte danKortet

Trustworthy Messages

Keeping messages safe traveling from the sender to the receiver using existing standards albeit in new configurations and some amendments.

Trust me - I'm real!

we can manage the trust issues currently wreaking havoc amongst "cloud" based services, using DNS and certification bodies supporting novel 10 character tokens

AIn’t an issue!

a way for the receiver to consider the message true and in fact offered by the sender and for the sender to actually having "put their best effort" into construing the message!

Phlex'ing in View

Phlex by Joel Drapper is some very clever Ruby code

Ghost'in with Dokku

It's real easy to 'mv' your blog somewhere else - with a little help ;)

Hotwiring Modals

In my previous post I ended on kind of an

Tailwind, Hotwire, more

Tailwind CSS and Hotwire does wonders for Rails and in this series of posts I'm testing the waters, with these additions to my workbench.