How to test Ghost on your PC

How to test Ghost on your PC

With this post as with all my previous and postings to come please bear in mind that I'm a Mac

But I'm jumping the gun!

'cause – what is ghost?

Ghost is a brilliantly simple blogging engine written entirely in Javascript and executed on Node. Deploying Ghost is [for lack of words] like a knife through butter. It's that simple :)
Go see for yourself!

so, but how do I test it?

That really is quite simple too! I decided to test it on a virtual machine on my iMac so I did this:

  • installed VirtualBox
  • installed Fedora (version 20 in my case) as a VM in the VirtualBox
  • followed the Ghost Linux Installation Guide
  • used ifconfig to see what DHCP address the VM gets (make sure that Fedora is connected, ie. the network adapter on VirtualBox is set to bridge the network to the VM)
  • added to /etc/hosts and add the IP address
  • allowed http in the firewall on Fedora
  • and finally: cd /path/to/Ghost; sudo npm start on the VM

and you're hot!