The story goes like this:

We print invoices on ordinary white paper with a PDF watermark added to illude a standard business letterhead - but on Windows we have to use a PDF printing product that will add this watermark on the fly and that requires us to open every print in a preview and press 'print'.

We wanted to do away with that and offer people a way to just point to a printer that would do this all 'in the background'.


A user/business will go to and create an account (we will invite you, please ask). Then he will receive a small printerbox that he will attach to his network (the same network as the printer is attached to), then we'll be able to add his preferred physical printer, add his preferred template for this printer and upload the PDF that will get added to every print. This PDF will usually be a one page PDF but if the user/business will be printing jobs with 2 different letterheads (page 1 and page 2..n) the PDF must have 2 pages - one page for the first page to be printed, and a second page to be printed on the following pages. No step 3!


The service will have a home page to welcome users/customers. It will have an admin dashboard for admins to monitor all transactions (users, printers and printjobs). It will have a login system that requires users to confirm the profiles they create, a printer setup page to manage printers, and a printjob page to manage printjobs created. It might also have a document page where users could write business letters!
All pages should be accessible from smartphone through big desktop displays.



A video to illustrate how the service works, a button to sign up,

/admin/users done

A list of signed-up users


A list of printjobs, past and current

/admin/printers done

A list of printers


A list of documents

/sign-in done

A form for signing-in

/sign-out done

Redirects to /welcome


A list of signed-in users printers and a form to add a printer


A list of printjobs past and current


A list of printjobs past and current on a specific printer


A list of document templates and the PDF to print with each of them, and a button to add new document templates